Who are we?

ATVG-Studios is a software development and cyber security group from Austria.
We are by no means a company. All of our team members have a job in companies or are going to a technical school.

We are not selling any products, services or software. We live from the money we gather from our live-jobs, and some donations here and there.

We where founded on 4th May 2015 by our Leader 'Thomas Obernosterer'.

What are we doing?

We are mainly developing Open-Source software which is licensed under either MIT, OSPL19 (MIT Fork) or OSPL20 (MPL Fork).

Most of our software was created out of our own need for it.
But it can also happen that we are creating closed-source software for others, mostly our long-term partners.

How many are we?

Well, we are currently just 2 people.

Our actions in the Internet

Our homepage is currently Work In Progress (WIP). We are reworking the way we display data.