It's now exactly three years since ATVG-Studios was founded on 4th May 2015.

In the past three years we were very active and made up some good experience within Software Development, Website Development/Design, Server Administration and more!


  • hosted two gaming networks
  • hosted multiple open PiHole servers
  • hosted our own DNS Service
  • hosted our own Compute Engine
  • build multiple websites either using a cms or using HTML5 and CSS3
  • created over 28 peaces of software
  • wrote over 30 thousand lines of code
  • administrated over 30 servers and still administrate 3 that are owned by us

and We

  • will continue our work
  • will have much fun doing what we do
  • want many more years to come

Checkout our work at our service GitLab.ATVG-Studios and feel free to contribute to our Open Source (OSPL Licensed) Software and Projects.

Big thanks to the team that Administrates the servers and Services: TN. Rider, NexusMods_one, XerxezZ and myself (AtjonTV)